Quite fond of dabbling Tannis Kelm enjoys juggling many pies without being able to juggle, so her fingers are constantly knuckle deep.  Performing as Lyer, Dick and Hörs. she really loves guessing at what “it” could possibly be but isn’t too concerned about being right.    Singing since she could scream, and courting poetry since she hit puberty there hasn’t been anything in her eyes that has beat music, so she puts all her faith there and tries to offer some consolation eked from the healing solutions she’s had to find herself.


You can hear Lyer on the radio in Winnipeg at CKUW 95.9FM Tuesdays from 11pm-Midnight on her show, Listening Pleasures, where she wishes she knew about the Tragically Hip before they were cool.  You can catch Dick posturing pics and poetry for her zine The Raving Lunatic, as well as on stage in her original one woman production, List of People I’ve Killed (A Love Story), at the 2022 Winnipeg Fringe Festival,  and performing poetry at Speaking Crow first Tuesdays, 7pm on Zoom (link through Eventbrite). Though most frequently you can catch her at CaRaVaN Open Mic Open Stage singing like an Hörs. at any of the various generous venues that have a space set for creativity and art.

Check her out on Soundcloud, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram under her various monikers or her business name Hörs., linked by a click of a button below.